Baby food Safety Packaging

Current regulations – food contact materials (EC) 1935/2004- specify that these materials “must be inert enough to prevent material from being transferred into food in such a manner as to endanger human health or to cause unacceptable changes in food composition or deterioration of its sensory properties”.

It is said that packaged food can only be as good as packaged food. Potential contamination that conflicts with many of the advantages of plastics — such as good protection of bacteria and bacteria, or sealing of the surrounding environment — can be countered by the right choice of packaging.

When commenting on packaging materials, any packaging intended to come into contact with baby food and other foods will not release the material into the food in quantities that may endanger the health of the consumer. These rules apply regardless of the material of the packaging.

Glass packaging with P/T seals is particularly suitable for pasteurized or sterilized baby food because it is protected from microbial spoilage and oxidation and can be left unrefrigerated for a long time without losing its valuable property.

Glass packaging is also known for being extremely low in the amount of material that migrates to food and can be very efficiently recycled, as can metal seals. Therefore, packaging waste is not harmful to the environment.”